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Turning, Boring, Parting & Grooving, Threading:


Innovative Dual coated turning inserts for productive & cost economical machining of all types of

Unique slitted sleeve held boring bars, Carbide bars & anti-vibration bars for chattering free
boring with smooth chip evacuation.
Safe Lok type inserts for Hard Part Turning even for interruption type of applications.
Highly productive, vast choice of Parting & Grooving inserts
Unique locking mechanism of Grooving Inserts ensures improved productivity & greater tool life.
Innovative i-lock design Threading inserts for all types of materials.
Highly economical 3 edge circlip grooving insert for OD & ID
Boring (Tool Rotating)
Unique three edge rough boring solution from Dia 35mm to 306mm for heavy material removal.
Innovative Capto coupling adaptors & extensions to reach higher depths in bores without
compromising strength.
Trusted over the years, Fine boring units L148C for fine boring needs.
Fine boring solution ranging from Dia 3mm to 1275mm
Unique anti-vibration fine boring solution for components like Knuckle, Yokes, Differential
Housings etc

As many as 30 different families of milling cutters to address all your milling needs in most productive & cost economic ways
Specially designed insert grades to suit all types of hardened & non hardened material.
Technically expert team to offer time saving solution for new & rework type of forging dies.
Specially developed cutters & insert grades to compliment High Speed Machining.

Indexable, Solid Carbide & Brazed Carbide complete drilling solution for Dia 0.3mm to 129mm.
Patented true 4 cutting edge step technology indexable drill for fast & cost economic drilling.
Specially designed R850 Drill for aluminium machining.
Ejector & BTS system for Deep Hole Drilling.
Indexable drill 881 for turning centres.
Tool Holding
Unique CoroGrip Holders for High Speed Machining & greater accuracies.
Unique HydroGrip HD used for Roughing to Finishing operations.
Unique anti-vibration adaptors for vibration free machining on higher overhangs.
Wide range of holders for different taper machines like Capto, BT, ISO, SK, CAT-V, HSK.
Wide range of holders & extensions in Capto for longer overhangs without compromising strength.
Synchroflex adaptors for tapping available in cylindrical shanks, Capto & HSK tapers.
Complete range of accessories like collets, Pull Studs etc.
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